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Journey of Furious Fitwear Brand

Posted by Jay Gupta on

Journey of Furious Fitwear Brand

Furious Fitwear brand started with a simple concept that fitness can be achieved by being active and you don't have to go to gym to be fit.

While managing many companies and brands, I personally faced this problem that I could not go to gym regularly and I was looking for ways to be active no matter how busy my daily schedule is.

My name is Jay Author and I discussed this problem with my team. I shared my problem with the team that I want to be active whether I am traveling or can't go to gym due to any reason. While talking I realized that every single team member wanted to solve this problem as they all were facing the same issues. So we decided to solve this problem and the idea of starting a fitness brand was seeded with all of us.

All of us were so excited that we decided to brainstorm to identify and define our own philosophical fitness concepts such as:

  1. Fitness should be fun.
  2. Fitness products should be fashionable and in tune with current trends.
  3. Fitness products should be portable.
  4. Fitness products should be designed in a way that it can be used at home, for indoor activities as well as the outdoor activities.

Needless to say that our team had a grand vision of solving all the world's problems.

Since I love horses and I find horses very gracious, powerful and extremely fit, I suggested that our company name should be associated with horses. The word "Furious" communicates all of those qualities of a horse and we immediately adopted the brand name as Furious Fitwear.

Even though the Furious Fitwear brand was born in the summer of 2015, we could not launch the products in 2015 as we kept experimenting with a variety of products which could never met our standards.

Finally we launched our first two products in the first quarter of 2016!

Furious Fitwear Innovative Products

After the big success of Door Gym, soon we launched our second product called sports running belt.

The feedback from users was phenomenal as they found that our products were innovative, extremely high quality, good usage information and at the same time we kept the products simple to use.

We got the feedback from users that they have been using our products in different ways and they love to wear it because it is fashionable, fun and simple to use!

In the coming days we will launch many exciting new products and here is a peek on some of those products:

1. Resistance Bands

2. Suspension Training Straps

There is a lot to talk about but we will keep sharing more in the coming days...

Thanks again for visiting the Furious Fitwear Store Blog,

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