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3 Wheel Ab Roller - Buy Confidently with Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

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3 Wheel Ab Roller for Intense Speed Ab Workouts!

If you have used 2 wheel ab roller, then you do know that it can be a challenge balancing yourself while doing the abs workouts.

We have solved this problem by adding the 3rd wheel. Not only we have solved the problem, we have made it more practical with braking board for speed abs exercises.

Why Customers Love 3-Wheel Ab Roller?

  • No assembly required and you can start using it out of the box
  • The most stable ab roller with smooth glide motion on any type of floor
  • Protect your knees with knee pad
  • Braking board to guide you to move you as far as you want - this makes the ab muscle workout tougher over the time
  • Start with easy workout and then proceed with more intense ones by moving the Braking Board away from yourself
  • Easy to follow Guide

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Keep it handy for your home gym, office break exercises and carry it in your car during travel...

Buy 3 Wheel Ab Roller Now to Start Making Your Abs Workout Fun

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