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doorway pull up bar

Doorway Pull up Bar - Buy Confidently with Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

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Portable Doorway Pull up Bar Gym

Imagine your life if you can convert any door into a multi-functional gym at home or in your office or in any hotel...

You can keep yourself active with your daily exercise no matter if you are too busy at home or in office and no time to go to gym.

You'll love this innovative Pull up Bar Gym which can convert your door into a home gym!

Why Customers Love Furious Fitwear Door Gym?

  • Perfect Pull-ups & Chin-ups Anywhere: Convert any Door into a Home Gym with this 5-Minute Easy to Assemble Door Gym without making any holes in the wall or door
  • Full Door Protection with Rubberized Door Guard: No more drilling or fasteners required to hold the door gym over the door
  • Non-slip Wide Comfort Foam for Better Grips
  • 5-Minute assembly with no tools required as we have included a wrench along with our pull up bar parts
  • Easy to follow guide showing warm up and door gym exercises
  • Multi-functional 4-in-1 Exercises: You can perform pull-up, chin-up, sit-ups, dips and push-up workouts

Join the list of satisfied customers who have bought 2 or 3 door gyms to keep it at home, in their office and in their car so that they can keep themselves active anywhere!

Buy Doorway Pull up Bar Now to Keep Yourself Active Anywhere!

Buy Confidently as You have 60-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!

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